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Non-contact ECG-Measurement for your product

Capacitive Electrodes

ECG-measurement without skin contact

Capacitive ECG electrodes enable a non-contact patient monitoring like it was inconceivable only a few years ago. With this revolutionary technology, an measurement of the electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) can be proceeded without contacting the skin, even through layers of different materials.

Compared to other non-contact measuring technologies, the capacitive ECG measurement is superior and provides more detailed and reliable information. Depending on the applications and requirements, the measurement of the heart rate in the highest medical standard is possible as well as measurements of the heart rate variability, the respiratory rate and additional derivable parameters. Cardiac arrhythmias can be reliably recognized as well.

Due to long-time research, clinical trials, and extensive application experience, we can now provide you the advantages of this technology for commercial products. Feel free to contact us and convince yourself of the superiority of our solutions.


Cardiac monitoring can’t be easier

The integration of flexible capacitive ECG electrodes in your product enables you to receive information about the heart activity and derived physical parameters without any additional effort. The main advantages for our customers are:

Highest Accuracy

We record the heartrate in highest accuracy via an ECG. From this signal, you receive additional information about physical parameters like heart rate variability or respiratory rate.

Highest Comfort

Our solutions are neither visible nor perceptible and therefore meet the highest comfort requirements of your product.


We use different material compositions and production technologies to be able to provide you sensors of any size and shape.

Product Development

Development Service

Capital’s long-time experience in different sectors makes turns us into a dependable development partner for the integration of capacitive sensors. Gain benefit from our knowledge lead and contact us directly.


The application areas of the capacitive sensor technology are very divers and physiological information about users and patients will help to improve your current products as well as develop new ones. Let us give you inspiration by the following application areas.


Smart Seats

By integrating capacitive sensors in driver seats, the driver’s state can be monitored in high quality. Information about the heart rate, the heart rate variability and about the respiratory rate can be used to improve safety and comfort of the driver.


Become Part of Capical

An innovative company lives on ideas of their employees. Therefore, we are always interested to enhance our team and are happy to receive unsolicited applications.


We are looking for:

Developer (m/f/d) Embedded Hard-/Software

Developer (m/f/d) Hardware

Furthermore, we can regularly offer interesting tasks for degree theses and exciting student jobs, where you can use your theoretical skills in practical occupations. Please contact us directly, especially for tasks in hard- and software development.

Über uns

Who we are

Capical is your partner for target-oriented, fast and sophisticated integration of monitoring solutions in your product. We work in the fields of research, development and productive applications for contact-free ECG measurement for more than 10 years. During that time, we have established Capical as the worldwide leader of the capacitive electrode technology.

Our offer covers all stages of the development process. With the target to provide innovative and successful products in collaboration with you, we support you from building first prototypes up till serial production. Your benefit is our extensive know-how and experience from projects in various industry sectors.

Capical has been awarded with the Fresenius Inventor Award, the IHK Technology Transfer Award and additional awards for its capability to transfer the capacitive technology in marketable products. It has been the first company worldwide which has medically approved an ECG-device based on capacitive electrodes and we are capable to defend your and our interests against competitors due to own important property rights.

Join us with our target to establish the capacitive ECG measurement in various market segments to improve the quality of life of elderly or ill persons as well as improve safety and comfort in the increasing segment of automated driving.

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